Welcome to Ovation Fertility Nashville. Our Nashville IVF lab is known for its innovation, quality and IVF success rates

For more than two decades, Ovation Fertility Nashville, a trailblazer in the field of reproductive medicine, has successfully treated infertility patients from Nashville, Tennessee and all over the country and abroad.

Our Nashville IVF lab supports our impressive track record by employing the advanced knowledge of our andrologists, embryologists, geneticists and experienced IVF lab director, along with the support of Ovation Fertility labs across the country.

Licensed by the State of Tennessee and CLIA, our Nashville IVF lab was one of the first IVF labs in the country to be accredited by the Reproductive Laboratory Accreditation Program of The College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Accomplished leadership and innovation differentiate our Nashville IVF lab

Ovation Fertility’s scientific director works closely with Ovation Fertility Nashville’s IVF lab director to maintain the highest quality assurance standards so that patients can achieve their goal of becoming pregnant or preserving fertility.

Lab director Dr. Melanie R. Freeman, PhD, HCLD, oversees Ovation Fertility Nashville. Dr. Freeman has worked in the field of embryology and reproduction since 1984, the dawn of IVF. Dr. Freeman also serves as a CAP inspector. In this position, she evaluates other IVF labs to ensure that lab procedures maintain the quality necessary to achieve accreditation.

Overseeing Ovation Fertility’s PGS/PGD program is scientific director, Amy Jones, MS, ELD. Preimplantation genetic screening allows fertility specialists to determine which embryos are most likely to produce a healthy baby. Ovation Fertility’s PGS and PGD program adheres to the rigorous standards required for embryo biopsy and genetic testing.

The entire team maintains high standards in every aspect of the lab environment: patient identification, medical equipment, methodology, personnel, procedural manuals, proficiency testing, quality control, reagents, reports, safety and specimen handling.

Ovation Fertility Nashville offers a vast array of fertility treatments and procedures for men and women

Our expert IVF lab team at Ovation Fertility Nashville has access to the latest medical technology and equipment, which allows our lab to provide quick and comprehensive services, including routine semen analysis, foundational IVF support and ancillary IVF services, including comprehensive genetic screening of embryos to prevent inheritable genetic disease and recurrent miscarriages.

To screen for chromosomal abnormalities, Ovation Fertility Nashville offers array CGH screening.

When you select an Ovation Fertility provider, you gain access to the country’s leading IVF lab teams, and you will benefit from the latest research and developments in the field of reproductive medicine.

Contact us to learn more about the IVF lab and genetic services provided by Ovation Fertility Nashville, and Ovation Fertility IVF labs around the country.

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